Mapping Ecological Themes in Australian Film and Literature

Many areas of Australia are subject to the exploitation of natural resources, climate change, urbanisation, and industrialisation. Novels and films provide a space within which these social and environmental transformations are dramatised. This case study maps ecological concerns and locates scientific issues in the landscapes of Australian narratives that foreground ecocultural themes or are set in sensitive areas. The map and fact sheets feature narrative extracts, photographs, video, and scientific research related to ecologically significant regions, issues, and stories including:

Red Dog and Japanese Story and Mining in the Pilbara
Dirt Music: Asbestos and Tides in Western Australia
Dirt Music and Commercial Fishing in Western Australia
The Hunter and Biodiversity in Tasmania
Australia: Water and Extensive Farming in Northern Australia
The Man From Snowy River: Hydroelectricity and Grazing in the Victorian High Country

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Locating Science: Mapping Ecological Themes in Australian Film and Literature is funded by Inspiring Australia